Monday, January 5, 2009

My Site Declared TOO CONTROVERSIAL for

I have been told that my page is TOO CONTROVERSIAL FOR the web site and now NBC is refusing to let Ann Coulter on the Today show?

Just imagine what NBC would like to happen to a guy like me since I am too controversial for Ann Coulters web site....

FREEDOM OF SPEECH is in it's last days.............


Thank you for ordering your campaigns with AdBrite. Unfortunately, we are unable to run the following ads at this time:

Ad declined: Save This Republic Now

REASON (if given): Controversial


The ad campaign that you created to run on Ann Coulters site has been rejected.
You can view this by logging into your account, clicking on the billing and
address tab, clicking on view invoices and selecting all your ad campaigns. All
campaigns with an 'x' by them have been rejected.

Best Regards,

William A.

AdBrite Customer Support

Thursday, January 1, 2009


GOD, American traditions, Christianity and Freedom of Speech are all under constant assault from the left wing socialists, atheists, Marxists, progressives and radical Muslims 365 days a year. The time has come for THE PEOPLE speak out.

The effort involved in getting out the truth is tremendous, time consuming and costly. I create and edit my own news videos with a computer system that I built with my own two hands. This system is constantly under attack from people that are trying to silence OUR MESSAGE, so there is a lot of effort to keep it up to date with the best video and anti-virus technology.

In 2009, CNIN - The Conservative News Intelligence Network will be branching into Internet radio and political commentary videos on You Tube

With your assistance, I can buy advertising on some of the high traffic conservative web sites to HELP spread our message. The people do not realize the danger that this country is in from enemies DOMESTIC and abroad. The time for US to unite is NOW.

The radical left is all over the net like a virus and we will be the ANTI-VIRUS to counter the liberal infection. The money that these left wing organizations get from their billionaire contributors to spread their communist agenda is staggering. We must take them head on and we will be no match for them unless we have major funds backing us just like they do.

We must spread the message of the Conservative movement in the USA, since the media has basically silenced us with their liberal bias. God, American traditions, Christianity and Israel are under constant assault and it is about time that WE do something about it.

Any amount will be greatly appreciated $2, $5, $10, $20; it all adds up.

A Boycott France shirt will be sent to anyone that gives a gift over $50 (Sizes S, Med, Large only)

Gifts are NOT eligible for a tax deduction at this time.